Validcert Inc.

We are establishing the authenticity, safe storage and sharing of academic & professional micro certificates

ValidCert’s Micro Credentials and Data Room Platform secures your identity by protecting your accomplishments

We are building a Global Ecosystem of Trust.

ValidCert Inc. Canadian based company

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Building an Ecosystem of Trust

Our Mission

Enable the authenticity, safe storage and sharing of digital academic & professional certificates and documents

  • Expedite and broaden the hiring process on a global scale

  • Ensure a platform of interoperability for certifications and information

  • Digital credential and data room platform secures your indentity by protecting your accomplishments and brand

  • One safe and trusted environment for:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Students
  • Invitees/3rd Parties (Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Organizations)

Why an Ecosystem of Trust?

Academic certificate fraud costs employers approximately $600 billion every year!

In 2020, there were 2 milion fake certificates in circulation and 300 unauthorized universities operating

fraud impacts everyone

Companies need to trust the students they hire!

Companies need to trust the schools they hire from!